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Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc., the first company in the Otsuka Group, was established by Busaburo Otsuka in 1921. Originally, the company manufactured and distributed industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals. We began manufacturing intravenous solutions such as large volume parenterals in 1946. Since that time, we have extended our operations into a wide variety of areas such as the development of new drugs, innovative packaging, and intravenous delivery systems. Always ahead of the times, our achievements have received acclaim in Japan and around the world. The names “Otsuka” and “Otsuka’s Intravenous Solutions” are widely recognized, and our products are highly trusted in Japan and other countries as a leading brand of intravenous solutions. In 2005, in order to ensure that our products continue to satisfy the ever-changing needs in the clinical setting and to respond to the constantly increasing complexity and sophistication of the healthcare environment, including medical information, we established a professional scientific organization, with our professional nutrition representatives stationed across the country to provide high-quality services in the field of clinical nutrition. We continue to move forward for the health of people and better healthcare.

News Releases
29 Dec 2014 Otsuka Techno Announces Personnel Changes PDF (174KB)
10 Oct 2014 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory Enters into a License Agreement on Bioengineered Pancreatic Islet °»DIABECELL®°… as a Treatment for Diabetes
PDF (176KB)
5 Sep 2014 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory announces PROCESS LEAD, a chew and swallow managing food, launched on September 5, 2014 PDF (234KB)
9 Jul 2014 J.O.Pharma Co., Ltd. to expand its production facility in Izumo City PDF (242KB)
17 Jun 2014 Egypt Otsuka acquires an Egyptian intravenous infusion manufacturing and distribution company. PDF (234KB)
16 Jun 2014 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory Announces Personnel Changes PDF (199KB)
24 Feb 2014 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory announces HINE E-GEL concentrated liquid nutrition product launched on February 24, 2014 PDF (231KB)
25 Oct 2013 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory launches a newly approved plasma
substitute Voluven®6% on October 25, 2013 PDF (158KB)
29 Jul 2013 Otsuka Techno Takes an Equity Interest in a Chinese Firm That Manufactures and Markets Plastic Caps for I.V. Solution-related Products PDF (148KB)
22 May 2013 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory and Fresenius Kabi Japan enter into an exclusive distribution agreement of HES products, including the newly approved Voluven 6% PDF (131KB)

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