“The Best Partner in Clinical Nutrition”

Based on our corporate philosophy,
“Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide,”
the Otsuka Group is constantly working to help improve the health of people in all parts of the world. We at Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc. as a leader in intravenous nutrition products, are committed to being the best partner of patients and healthcare professionals in the field of clinical nutrition.

News Releases
23 Aug 2017 Otsuka OPV, the Vietnamese subsidiary of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory announces the construction of a new factory for the distribution of high quality IV solution products PDF (193KB)
9 May 2017 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory enters into an agreement to acquire additional equity in its joint venture subsidiary, Otsuka Pharmaceutical India Private Limited (OPI) PDF (117KB)
25 Nov 2016 Otsuka Joins UN Global Compact PDF (180KB)
5 Jul 2016 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory obtained the manufacturing and marketing approval of °»ELNEOPA-NF No. 1 Injection and ELNEOPA-NF No. 2 Injection°… PDF (227KB)
10 May 2016 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory and Lilium Otsuka sign Japanese-market sales partnership agreement for the medical device °»Lilium® ¶Ń-200°… PDF (442KB)
2 Mar 2016 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory changes the flavor and packaging of its Oral Rehydration Solution OS-1® PDF (234KB)
16 Sep 2015 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory launches the antiseptics
for external use °»Olanedine°… on September 16, 2015 PDF (243KB)
19 Aug 2015 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory announces changes in the packaging container and volume of Oronine® H Ointment
(from now available in an 11-g tube size) PDF (227KB)
6 Jul 2015 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory obtained the marketing approval of antiseptics for external use °»Olanedine°… PDF (214KB)
10 Oct 2014 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory Enters into a License Agreement on Bioengineered Pancreatic Islet °»DIABECELL®°… as a Treatment for Diabetes
PDF (176KB)

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