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Contract Manufacturing

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory(OPF) Contract Manufacturing Services

The contract business utilizes our strength in technologies employed for infusion solutions to meet the needs of other pharmaceutical companies. We provide full support from drug development and formulation design to actual production. OPF aims to establish strong partnerships in this business and supply many kinds of contract-manufactured products which contribute to wide range of medical treatment.

Contract Business Utilizing IV Solution Technologies

As a leading company of intravenous solutions contributing broadly to the field of medical treatment, we continue working to improve our infusion-related technologies based on our over seven decades of experience. OPF's unique technologies support high-quality and groundbreaking manufacturing methods, with a particular strength in plastic containers, films, and formulation. We utilize these strengths to take commissions from other pharmaceutical companies to manufacture products on a contract basis, working from the development and formulation design stages to actual production. OPF keeps its systems in top form to meet the demands of these pharmaceutical companies and supplies products which can contribute to better medical treatment.

The Merits of Contracting Manufacturing with OPF

Our contract manufacturing services greatly contribute to our client companies through lower costs of manufacturing equipment and others, a shorter time for development and establishment of manufacturing process, the provision of high-quality and stable products, and formulations using new technologies. We are also flexible in response to orders such as small-lot production and requests to keep from missing the right market timing.

Currently we manufacture products on contract for a large number of pharmaceutical companies. We produce a wide range of pharmaceuticals such as antibiotic kits using our independently developed “Otsuka multi-chamber bag system,” small-capacity plastic ampules, various types of premixed soft bags, as well as external preparations such as ointments and creams. We also manufacture on contract for our group companies, utilizing a particular strength of the Otsuka Group. For example, J.O. Pharma, a subsidiary of OPF, manufactures prefilled syringes. OPF handles all inquiries related to these products and provides support for contract manufacturing.

The Merits of Contracting Manufacturing

Our rigorous quality assurance system is applied to every contracted product so that we can supply the highest quality products to our clients.
For more information, visit the Quality Mangement page.

Additionally, having a product supply system in place in the event of a disaster is a vital point for a pharmaceutical company. At OPF, we actively implement business continuity planning (BCP), including separating the manufacturing Sites and distribution warehouses, to allow business activities to continue as much as possible in the event of a disaster and ensure a stable supply of products to our clients.

Full Support from Development through to Production

OPF aims to establish solid relationships of trust with client pharmaceutical companies and strong partnerships in contract manufacturing. We propose products that utilize our newest technologies and offer a high-quality and high-efficiency production system. The Contract Business Division, which is the contact point for this business, works with our Technology, Quality, and Production Departments to continuously support client pharmaceutical companies as part of an internal system that allows us to manage every phase from the development stages of a pharmaceutical product to investigational drug production, PQ, PV, and actual production. We also carry out contract manufacturing in conjunction with other Otsuka Group companies.

Our contract product line-up, suitable for a wide range of needs

OPF currently manufactures, under contract for a large number of pharmaceutical manufacturers, various products utilizing our technologies for plastic containers, films, and formulation. This wide-ranging lineup includes: antibiotic kit formulations, premixed soft bag formulations, plastic ampule parenteral solutions, prefilled syringe parenteral solutions, ointments, creams, and topical solutions (lotions).

For inquiries regarding contract drug manufacturing, please use our Online Inquiry Form.

Products Volume
Antibiotic kit in dual-chamber bag 100 mL (diluent)
Soft bags Single-chamber bags 50 to 1200 mL
Dual-chamber bags 500 to 2000 mL
Plastic ampules 20 mL
Ointment, creams Tube products
10 to 50 g

Bottle products
30 to 500 g
Topical solutions (lotions) 10 to 100 mL
Prefilled syringes 1 to 20 mL