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Privacy Policy

We recognize that under the principle of respect for the individual, information provided by visitors to our website must be appropriately managed. This website privacy policy tells you about our practices regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of information that you provide to us when you use our website. Each time you use our website, you indicate you express full agreement to the conditions set out in the most recent version of this policy.

1. Scope of this policy.

This policy covers any information which you provide by visiting our website. This policy does not apply to third-party websites which can be accessed using links from our website. For information on how personal information is handled on any other website, please refer to the privacy policy for that website.

2. Purpose of our website.

Our website is managed and operated by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory Inc. in Japan. Our website is intended to provide information about us and our products, and about health and illness, to residents of Japan. Your use of our website is governed by the laws of Japan.

3. How we collect personal information.

To access our website, you do not need to provide information that can be used to identify you individually (“personal information”), such as your name, address, phone number, date of birth or e-mail address, but you may be asked to provide personal information if you wish to use certain website functions and features. In those cases, we will inform you of the purpose of the collection and use of the personal information that you provide, and if we wish to use the personal information for any other purpose, we will ask you for your permission beforehand. In any case, your provision of personal information is voluntary. You are free to provide it or not.

4. Parties to whom we disclose personal information.

In certain cases, we may disclose your personal information to a third-party, such as a contractor or subsidiary, but if we do, we will do so only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose for which you disclosed the personal information to us.

Also, we may disclose your personal information if:

  • (a) we are legally entitled or required to do so (for example, if we are required to do so by legal process or applicable law, or to prevent fraud or other crime); or
  • (b) we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect and defend our rights, or property, including our website, our employees, customers, or the public.

5. Passive information.

We may collect information that you provide passively when you visit our website, such as the date and time you access the website, the URL of the website that you visited just before you came to our website, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, and the browser version that your computer uses (“passive information”).We collect passive information to improve our website so that it is more user-friendly.

6. How we collect passive information.

Our website may use “cookies.” Cookies are a bit of information that is stored on a computer that visits a website to help the website remember information about the visitor. Our website may use cookies to collect passive information. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you must change your browser settings.

7. How we use passive information.

We may collect passive information to analyze your access to our website, to improve the operability of our website, or to identify the cause of problems on our website. Passive information may be statistically analyzed and compiled, but no personal information will be used or included in that process.

8. Policy changes.

We may change this policy in the future, but if we make any substantial changes to this policy or the way in which we use personal information, we will notify you of the changes by updating this policy on our website. Please check this policy on a regular basis.