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Corporate Philosophy

Otsuka Group Corporate Philosophy

“Otsuka₋people creating new products for better health worldwide”

The Otsuka group of companies is a total-healthcare enterprise that aims to contribute to the health of people around world under the corporate philosophy, “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide”. Healthcare is broadly and holistically addressed through the two main pillars ― the pharmaceutical business for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and the nutraceutical*1 business to support the maintenance and promotion of everyday health. Our 47,000 employees across 200 companies in 33 countries and regions*2 take on challenges across various fields and themes to help fulfill the universal wish of people to be healthy. Our pursuit of these challenges is motivated by the Otsuka’s corporate culture, articulated as “Ryukan-godo” (by sweat we recognize the way), “Jissho” (actualization) and “Sozosei” (creativity), and fostered by successive generations of Otsuka leaders. By striving to provide unique products and services, we seek to achieve sustainable growth and be an indispensable contributor to the world.

*1 Nutraceuticals: nutrition + pharmaceuticals
*2 As of end of December, 2021. Otsuka Holdings and subsidiaries and affiliates.

This is the video created by Otsuka Holdings to represent the all-embracing aim that our creative, innovative products based on the Otsuka Group Corporate Philosophy may contribute to people's lives in many ways.

Corporate Vision

“The Best Partner in Clinical Nutrition”

Our company, which is the founding company of the Otsuka Group, carries out business activities based on the corporate vision of being “The Best Partner in Clinical Nutrition.”

We are a leading company of intravenous (IV) solutions, which are essential for medical treatment, with the majority market share of IV solutions in Japan*. Understanding this responsibility, we place top priority on patients and the healthcare professionals who treat them, and work hard to deliver safe and reliable products.

* Source: Copyright © 2022 IQVIA. Calculated based on JPM Dec 2021 MAT. Market as defined by Otsuka. Reprinted with permission.

Guiding Principles by Busaburo Otsuka

“Quality is vital in a factory and so is packaging. We have to manufacture and market, putting ourselves in the consumer's position.”

This guiding principle was written by the founder Busaburo Otsuka (1891–1970), known as a superior calligrapher with a pen name of Otsuka Geppō, and familiarly known as “Oyaji-san” (meaning old man) by employees.

In 1946, with the company engaged in manufacturing and selling injection drugs, Busaburo wrote these guiding principles to clarify what his employees should do to ensure proper manufacturing, transportation, and sales: “Quality is vital in a factory and so is packaging. We have to manufacture and market, putting ourselves in the consumer's position.” Even today, the principles are displayed at the company's front entrance and at each plant. The philosophy of “Quality First” is deeply ingrained in each and every Otsuka employee.

Masahito Otsuka and His Principles

Masahito Otsuka (1916–2000), who built the foundation of the Otsuka Group of today, took over management of the small factory which his father Busaburo began. Although the company was in danger of collapse in the post-WWII chaos, he got over this crisis and managed the company for over five decades with indomitable spirit. Masahito was a man of the world and a great business leader who put his entire life into the business, and also a man who hated to lose, once remarking, “In my business history, there has never once been a time of retreat.” He also stated, “The aim for our products is to bring more happiness to more people.” This principle stands at the heart of the business philosophy of the Otsuka Group today.

To all new employees joining the company, we distribute a book of “Masahito’s Principles in ‘My Life as Proof Through Execution’” which is Masahito's memoir consisting of many wise sayings and original writings of Masahito.
Some of those words: “Products that don't bring benefits to the masses are doomed,” “The value of a person's life is determined by how much happiness he or she brings to other people,” “Profit is a decoration bestowed by the public on a person who has dedicated himself or herself to society,” “In management as in life, making correct decisions is everything; lives are built upon that record,” and “Shared suffering/shared enjoyment (the president and employees share difficult times, so can enjoy the success together).” Of the sayings collected in this one large volume, one in particular stands out—“Life is a matter of hope and perseverance.”

These many valuable and persuasive sayings, gleaned through direct experience, allow each employee to feel how a pioneer of the company approached life. With these sayings, we can sense the roots of Otsuka and apply those lessons to our work on a daily basis.

Significance of the Corporate Symbol

A symbolic representation of Otsuka Group Corporate Philosophy, the corporate symbol adopts the initial “O” of the corporate name as its motif.

Representing the sky above, the large “O” is rendered in gradations of Otsuka BLUE intended to signify openness, freedom, intelligence, and future. The small “O” in Otsuka RED represents the focused energy of Otsuka, the wellspring of these tenets.

Offsetting the two forms poised in balance, the Otsuka name is spelled out in an open and friendly typeface. The corporate symbol conveys Otsuka group’s energetic commitment to human happiness through good health.