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Otsuka Group

The Otsuka group of companies is a total-healthcare enterprise that aims to contribute to the health of people around world under the corporate philosophy, “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide”. Healthcare is broadly and holistically addressed through the two main pillars ― the pharmaceutical business for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and the nutraceutical*1 business to support the maintenance and promotion of everyday health. Our 47,000*2 employees across 200 companies in 33 countries and regions take on challenges across various fields and themes to help fulfill the universal wish of people to be healthy. Our pursuit of these challenges is motivated by the Otsuka’s corporate culture, articulated as “Ryukan-godo” (by sweat we recognize the way), “Jissho” (actualization) and “Sozosei” (creativity), and fostered by successive generations of Otsuka leaders. By striving to provide unique products and services, we seek to achieve sustainable growth and be an indispensable contributor to the world.

*1 Nutraceuticals: nutrition + pharmaceuticals
*2 As of end of December, 2021. Otsuka Holdings and subsidiaries and affiliates.

Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd.

Otsuka Holdings was established in July 2008 as a group holding company with the aim of continually increasing the corporate value of the entire Otsuka group of companies by supporting their dynamic expansion, maximizing synergies through the integration of management resources, pursuing operational streamlining, and facilitating invigoration of human resources and organizations.

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Main Operating Companies of Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd.

Company Name Business Description
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Manufacturing, distributing, exporting and importing of pharmaceuticals, clinical testing equipment, medical device and equipment, food products, cosmetics, and other related products
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc. Manufacture, sale, import and export of clinical nutrition products and other pharmaceutical products, medical devices, functional foods, etc.
Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Manufacture, sales, import and export of pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, and medical devices
Otsuka Warehouse Co., Ltd. Warehousing, cargo truck transportation business, cargo transportation agency, real estate business, insurance agency for property and casualty insurance, and services relating to collection of life insurance
Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sales of chemical products
Otsuka Foods Co., Ltd. Manufacture, sales, and import of foods and beverages
Otsuka Medical Devices Co., Ltd. R&D, manufacture, and sales of medical devices and all related operations, as well as medical device operational management for companies within the Otsuka group

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Group companies of Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd.

Major Related Companies

We develop our business activities in collaboration with eight domestic and fifteen global subsidiaries/affiliates. The synergy effect created by these relationships between the companies helps us provide patients and healthcare professionals with even better, innovative products. Of our subsidiaries/affiliates, the following are three domestic companies involved in the medical business in Japan.

・Domestic Subsidiaries

Company Name Business Description
Otsuka Techno Corporation

Technology to contribute to peoples' safety and security

Under the banners of "advanced technology," "clean environment," and "superior quality," Otsuka Techno molds and processes various types of resin, from commodity plastics to super engineering plastics.

J.O. Pharma Co., Ltd.

Supporting frontline medical treatment with safe and trustworthy cutting-edge technology

As a specialist manufacturer of prefilled syringes, the company aims to constantly produce top-quality products with cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, stringent quality control, and continuous product improvements based on medical practice needs.

EN Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

We will contribute to the health and longevity of people around the world, by researching nutrition and providing superior products and insightful information.

We will strive to contribute to the health of people around the world through a wide range of innovative and creative products, enteral nutrition formulas (prescription drugs), and iEat, a diet for people who have difficulty chewing, and aim to be a “nutrition care supporter” who can promptly provide more meaningful products and information.

Lilium Otsuka Co., Ltd.

Creation of innovative urinary care products and creation of new markets

The company contributes to urinary care in the super-aging society by developing devices which can visually indicate the urinary output in the bladder using ultrasound technology and by providing unique solutions.

・Foreign subsidiaries

Company Name Business Description
Suzhou Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Otsuka Pharmaceutical was established in February 2007 in Suzhou, a major center for Japanese corporations in China. Suzhou Industrial Park, where the company’s factory is located, has rich sources of water and is well known for its beautiful natural environment and favorable climate. Utilizing Japanese technology and equipment, a base of highly skilled and experienced employees manufacture high-quality antibiotics kits.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical India Private Limited

In 2013, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory made capital participation in a newly established IV business company with the aim of entering the IV sector in the promising Indian medical products market. In March 2017, the company name changed to Otsuka Pharmaceutical India Private Limited. Great efforts are being put into the creation of a fusion between respect for Indian culture and the Otsuka ethos, where mutual understanding with local staff is fostered and we all grow together.

PT Widatra Bhakti

Established in 1973 and a member of the Otsuka Group since 1995, PT Widatra Bhakti manufactures and distributes IV products in Indonesia. The company began exporting products to all parts of Asia in 2006, and construction of a new factory was completed in 2013 in anticipation of future market growth. The company has the top share of the Indonesian IV market.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Vietnam JSC

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Vietnam JSC, originally established in 2003 as a joint venture, has its headquarters/factory in Dong Nai province in southern Vietnam, with offices in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. The company manufactures and sells IV solutions in plastic bottles and sells them domestically and internationally, and also imports and sells nutritional infusions and medical foods in Vietnam. The company works to contribute to the health and medical development of people not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia.

Egypt Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., S.A.E.

Egypt Otsuka Pharmaceutical was established as a joint venture in 1993, as the successor to Arab Otsuka Pharmaceutical, which had been in operation since 1977. IV products are manufactured and distributed in Egypt and exported to nearby countries across Africa and the Middle East. We are proactive in expanding production lines and introducing new product lines- at present 30 million IV products are produced every year, with a share of just under 30% of the Egyptian IV market.

Otsuka Al-Obour Pharmaceutical Egypt S.A.E.

In 2014, Egypt Otsuka Pharmaceutical made an Egyptian manufacturing and distribution company of IV solutions a subsidiary with the aim of expanding its manufacturing capacity, and in later years it was renamed “Otsuka Al-Obour Pharmaceutical Egypt S.A.E.” This acquisition strengthened the manufacturing capacity of IV solutions in Egypt and sufficiently meets the increasing demand in the market. Otsuka Al-Obour Pharmaceutical Egypt S.A.E. will supply IV products of high quality to not only Egypt but also the Middle East and Africa.

Otsuka Gypto Pharmaceutical Egypt S.A.E.

In 2021, Egypt Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., S.A.E. jointly invested with a local pharmaceutical company to establish Otsuka Gypto Pharmaceutical Egypt S.A.E. as a new company that sells IV solutions and other ethical drugs. Otsuka Gypto provides information on ethical drugs, including high-quality IV solutions manufactured by Egypt Otsuka Pharmaceutical and the local pharmaceutical company, and will sell the drugs not only in Egypt but also in neighboring countries such as the Middle East and Africa.

PT Otsuka Indonesia

Established in 1974 as a joint venture, PT Otsuka Indonesia built a factory in Lawan, East Java, blessed with water resources, and started manufacturing and selling IV products. Starting with manufacturing and selling basic IV solutions, the company currently sells pharmaceuticals in the clinical nutrition field, ethical drugs, and medical devices. Moreover, as a leading company of IV solutions in Indonesia, the company not only develops its business domestically but also exports pharmaceuticals overseas, including to Australia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka.

Diatranz Otsuka Limited

In 2011, Diatranz Otsuka founded in New Zealand is working on the development and commercialization of pancreatic islet “DIABECELL®” as a treatment for diabetes. In order to offer new treatment options to patients with diabetes, Diatranz Otsuka aims to commercialize DIABECELL as soon as possible. In addition, to promote the spread of xenotransplantation, we support the establishment of the safety and effectiveness of xenotransplantation.

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