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Three nutrients
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GFO is a powdered drink mix that contains glutamine, fiber, and oligosaccharides.

GFO is a powdered drink mix that contains three nutrients.
The name GFO is derived from the acronym for glutamine, fiber, and oligosaccharides.


Glutamine is a kind of amino acids and the most abundant amino acid found in the body. Especially, it is consumed much in the intestinal tract and is a source of energy for the intestinal tract.

Fiber (partially hydrolyzed guar gum)

Fiber is a water-soluble dietary fiber made from guar beans, and is utilized by intestinal bacteria.

Oligosaccharides (fructooligosaccharides)

Fructooligosaccharides are used as the oligosaccharides.
Oligosaccharides are said to be food for bifidobacteria, which are generally considered to be good bacteria. They are carried to the large intestine without being digested.
* They can be taken by people with lactose intolerance

Precautions for uses

The powder may not be easily soluble, but the nutrition quality of the product is not affected (the product is more quickly dissolved in warm to hot water). Some brown-colored substances derived from the ingredients may be found in the powder of the product, but the nutrition quality of the product is not affected. Best when consumed immediately after opening

Peach tea flavor
Nutrition facts
(10 g/packet)
Calories 30 kcal, Protein 3.6 g, Fat 0 g, Carbohydrates 6.3g (Sugars 3.1 g, Dietary fiber 3.2 g), Salt equivalent 0.006 g to 0.032 g
Glutamine 3.0 g, Partially hydrolyzed guar gum (as dietary fiber) 3 g, Fructooligosaccharides 1.45 g
Powdered drink mix
Ingredients Sugar (manufactured in Japan), Fructooligosaccharides/thickener (partially hydrolyzed guar gum), Glutamine, Natural flavors, Sweetener (sucralose)
Volume 10 g per packet
Best before date 24 months after manufacturing date
Storage Store away from direct sunlight and high temperature.
Distributor Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc.
Manufacturing site Aliment Industry Co., Ltd.
7764, Nanbu, Nanbu-cho, Minamikoma-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture

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