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Concentrated Liquid Diet Product

HINEX RENUTE provides protein and energy for early resumption of nutrition.


  • An oligomeric, concentrated liquid diet food containing collagen peptide, soybean peptide, and amino acids. (osmotic pressure about 380 mOsm/L)

  • Concentration of calories 1 kcal/mL

  • Proportion of nutrients 24% for protein, 26% for carbohydrate, and 50% for fat.

  • Protein 6.0 g/100 kcal

  • Carbohydrates (sugar + dietary fiber) 7.1 g/100 kcal

  • Dietary fiber 1.2 g/100 kcal (contains 0.68 g of pectin per 100kcal)

  • Fat 5.6 g/100 kcal MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) is 50% of total fat

  • L-carnitine 40 mg/100 kcal

  • Vitamin B1 5 mg/100 kcal

Values for each nutrient are described from the standard composition written in the leaflet.
When supplying nutrients with the product alone, refer to the Dietary Reference Intakes, etc., take care about the amount and balance of each nutrient.

Precautions for use

  1. 1.Consume under the direction of physician or registered dietitian.
    When supplying nutrients with the product alone, take care
    about the amount of each nutrient and the amount of water.
  2. 2.Never inject the product intravenously.
  3. 3.Do not consume the product if the container is leaking or
    expanding, if abnormal color, taste, or smell is noted, or if
    coagulation and separation are noted when opening the
  4. 4.When warming the product, immerse it in hot water without
    opening the container and warm to near body temperature.
    Do not heat for a long time or repeatedly.
  5. 5.Do not mix with acidic substance such as fruit juice or with much salt because such mixing may cause coagulation of the product.
  6. 6.Consume promptly after opening the container. After use,
    discard any unused product. Do not reuse.
  7. 7.Consume within the best before date.

  8. * When the product is stored for a long time, it may become white because some raw material contents may precipitate or float on the liquid surface. Shake the product thoroughly before use. Such change in color does not affect the nutrients of the product.

Precautions for handling

  1. 1.Store and handle with due care because the container is easily damaged by dropping or physical impact.
  2. 2.Do not heat the product as it is contained in the container in the microwave or on an open fire.
Nutrition facts
(per bag)
400 mL
Calories 400 kcal, protein 24.0 g, fat 22.4 g, carbohydrates 28.4 g (sugar 23.6 g, dietary fiber 4.8 g), salt equivalent 1.62 g
Water 340 g
Product category Concentrated liquid diet
Ingredients Dextrin (manufactured in Japan), porcine collagen peptide (gelatin contained), medium-chain triglycerides, vegetable oil, enzyme decomposed soybean protein (soybean contained), yeast, algae-derived DHA, EPA-containing oil, carnitine, kelp extract/polysaccharide thickener, lysine, magnesium chloride, sodium pyrophosphate, leucine, vitamin C, potassium hydroxide, acidulant, calcium phosphate, isoleucine, valine, methionine, crystalline cellulose, histidine, phenylalanine, potassium pyrophosphate, threonine, tryptophan, vitamin B1, flavors, vitamin E, niacin, ferric pyrophosphate, calcium pantothenate, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin K2, vitamin D, and vitamin B12
Allergic substances
(in 28 items)
Soybean, gelatin
Packaging 400 mL
Best before date 9 months after manufacturing date
Storage Store in a dark place. The product can be stored at room temperature, but should preferably be stored in a cool place. Avoid storing in freezing environment.
Distributor Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc.
Manufacturing site Toasu Co., Ltd.
5 Hiyake, Chigiri-cho, Toyokawa-shi, Aichi

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