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Message from the President

The Best Partner in Clinical Nutrition

Our corporate philosophy and management vision

Business operations in the Otsuka Group are based on the corporate philosophy ‶Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide." Our aim is to contribute to healthier lives of people worldwide by providing innovative and creative products including pharmaceuticals and functional foods and beverages. Within the Otsuka Group, the management vision of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory (OPF) is to be ‶The Best Partner in Clinical Nutrition." We will continue to contribute to the health of people around the world by providing solutions such as products and services to solve the problems faced by all of our stakeholders, including patients and their families as well as the healthcare professionals who support them.

Quality first spirit inherited from the founding

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory is the original company from which the Otsuka Group has grown. For more than 75 years we have been developing intravenous (IV) solutions and, as a leading IV solution company, have steered their development in Japan. Currently, we provide not only IV solutions but also a variety of products that contribute to solving issues in healthcare settings. ‶Quality is vital in a factory and so is packaging. We have to manufacture and market, putting ourselves in the consumerʼs position." These words from the founder Busaburo Otsuka demonstrate a priority focus on quality in manufacturing. Keeping his philosophy in mind, we pledge to consistently deliver safe and high-quality products to patients and healthcare professionals with a strong sense of mission.

Creation of solutions that contribute to healthcare, ranging from prevention to hospital medical care, rehabilitation, and home medical/nursing care

In research and development, we are developing medicines, medical devices and digital services etc. that meet unmet medical needs in the fields of surgical aid and regenerative medicine products as well as in the field of clinical nutrition. We work on innovative product development that is not constrained by existing concepts but is based on the patientʼs viewpoint. In the medical food* field, including oral rehydration solution OS-1, in order to meet the growing needs in medical and nursing care fields, we are actively promoting research and development. At the same time, we are also focusing on contract manufacturing, proposing products that utilize the IV solution-related technologies that we have cultivated in the IV business, which is our strength, and providing high-quality and efficient production system. Thus, with the development of new products and technologies, we will contribute to medical care by providing a product lineup covering prevention, hospital medical care, rehabilitation, and home medical/nursing care, as well as detailed information.

We deliver solutions that contribute to people’s health and nutrition management to the world

Otsuka’s IV solutions are widespread not only in Japan but mainly in Asia. As a leading Japanese IV solution company, we are deeply involved in the management of the Otsuka Group’s overseas IV solution companies. In the future, we intend to globally promote the development of products that can contribute to clinical nutrition, such as nutrient IV solutions and enteral nutrition products, as well as basic solutions. Furthermore, we will continue to strive to deliver medicines, medical devices, and medical foods to people around the world.

To continue to be a valuable company

Inheriting the teachings of our predecessors, such as ‶Ryukan-godo" (by sweat we recognize the way) by Busaburo Otsuka, the founder of the Otsuka Group, ‶Jissho" (actualization) by Masahito Otsuka, the second-generation president, and ‶Sozosei" (creativity) by Akihiko Otsuka, the third-generation president, we will develop and supply innovative products while continuing to strive to stably deliver safe and high-quality products as a leading company in IV solutions. We are committed to working together as a united force to continue to be a valuable company through our business activities. Specifically, we contribute not only to the health of people around the world but also to the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs) recommended by the United Nations by further strengthening environmentally friendly business management. We look forward to your continued support in these endeavors.

*We refer to the food products that we have developed based on medical and nutritional grounds, and which play a role in healthcare, as “medical foods.”

Shuichi Takagi
President and Representative Director