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We are a leading company of IV solutions in Japan. Our history is the very history of the development of Japanese IV products. We are committed to being the best partner of patients and healthcare professionals in the field of clinical nutrition.

Note: All products in this table below are sold by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory and other Otsuka Group companies. Generally, product names are those currently used. Product photos are generally those at the time of launch.

1975 Yoshimitsu Otsuka appointed President
1976 Kushiro Factory established
1977 Arab Otsuka Pharmaceutical established in Egypt (currently Egypt Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., S.A.E.)
Injection in twist-off type plastic ampule launched—a product that can be opened by twisting the tip
1979 POTACOL R Injection launched—a lactated Ringer’s solution containing 5% maltose
PLAS-AMINO Injection launched—an injection with glucose and amino acids
AMINOLEBAN IV Injection launched—an amino acid injection for treatment of hepatic encephalopathy
Normal saline injection and distilled water for dissolving drugs launched in 100-mL piggy bottles
1985 Otsuka Techno Corporation established
TRIPAREN No. 1/No. 2 Injection launched—a TPN electrolyte solution containing complex carbohydrates (GFX)
Akihiko Otsuka appointed President
AMIPAREN Injection launched—a 10% amino acid solution
Otsuka MV Injection launched - Multivitamins for Total Parenteral Nutrition
1990 Matsushige Factory established
1992 OTSUKA NORMAL SALINE TN and OTSUKA GLUCOSE INJECTION 5% TN launched—a diluent with transfer needle
Urepearl Plus Lotion launched—a medicine for the treatment of dry skin
Twinline Liquid for Enteral Use launched - an elemental diet preparation
AMINOTRIPA No. 1/No. 2 Injection launched—an amino acid, carbohydrate, and electrolyte solution for TPN
TRIFLUID Injection launched—an electrolyte maintenance solution with 10.5% complex carbohydrates
Yoshimitsu Otsuka appointed President
1995 Otsuka multi-chamber bag system and world’s first antibiotic kit product using it obtained manufacturing approval
Cefazolin Sodium Injection 1g Bag Otsuka launched - a cephalosporin antibiotic for intravenous administration
KIDMIN Injection launched—a 7.2% amino acid injection for renal failure
AMINOFLUID Injection launched—an amino acid, carbohydrate, and electrolyte solution
Urepearl Plus Cream launched―a medicine for the treatment of dry skin
1998 Kyoichi Komatsu appointed President
1999 New Saralin launched—a laxative newly formulated with all natural ingredients
RACOL Liquid for Enteral Use launched—a low residual diet preparation